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What we Do

Send us a quote request through our “get a quote” tab by either sending an item number or a website link to the products you are interested in.

From there we will write you a quote based on the weight and dimensions of your items. Once you receive your email quote we can add or subtract items until the

quote + shopping list are perfect.


Once the quote looks good simply  “accept” your estimate online and we will add you to our  shopping lists. You are not held to any quotes, it is a great opportunity to get some information about getting your favorite pieces up here. While we do specialize in home furnishings we have helped get flooring, tiles, workout equipment and even car parts to our Alaskan customers so don’t be shy with sending your quote requests.


After we have shopped for your items in-store or with online retailers on your behalf we will deliver them to our warehouse dock.  We will repackage everything for safe travels northbound. From there the pieces are shipped to Alaska and available for pickup at our warehouse location in Anchorage. If you need residential delivery help, just let us know and we can include it in the quote. We also do provide service to locations across the state including bush orders.


There is no project too big or small!!!

We handle large shipments of kitchen cabinets and sectionals but are happy to help with small orders as well.


Need design or sourcing help? We are here for you, simply contact us for more information.

Get a Quote Today

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